Conferences and Retreats

Fall Retreat

Fall Retreat is a beautiful weekend of excitement, fun and growth for all Chi Alpha students in Michigan. It's a beautiful time of spiritual growth. Fall Retreat is what fuels XACMU's fire as the year begins. It's a fresh exposure to the life changing mission that we have been given on our own campuses. Chi Alpha at CMU would love to take you on the amazing escape and time of growth. Click here to register.

SALT Conference

Every year the Chi Alpha chapters of the great lakes region gather together to learn and grow. Each member walks away with new information to help advance themselves and their groups spiritually and missionally. XACMU would love for you to join us this year as we head to Chicago for Salt Conference!

The World Missions Summit

Every four years, National Chi Alpha organizes the World Missions Summit where XA students from all over come together to learn about missional living on their campuses and around the world. Students are able to meet face to face with real missionaries and explore several corners of the world. The World Mission Summit is a life changing experience.